Why You Should Help Your Child's Teacher This Year With Cash Donations

August 27, 2018

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It is a shockingly sad situation that a Department of Education report found that public school teachers are spending around $479 of their own money every year on supplies for their students, with around 7% of teachers reported putting out $1,000 per year! But there are many ways you can help if you are in a position to give a bit of your own money.  There are two web sites you can visit to make a cash donation. DonorsChoose.org and AdoptAClassroom.org are used by public teachers across the nation to help fund various projects. Right now there are thousands of classrooms listed, many that need under $100 to be fully funded. Just enter the school name or your zip code and the site populates with dozens of teachers and schools in our area with detailed reasons they are seeking donations for projects or supplies. Many times teachers pay for their student's lunch out of their own pocket. Consider sending a pre-paid visa/Mastercard to your child's teacher earmarked for students who aren't able to pay for lunch either by forgetting to bring their money or unable to afford it. Finally contact your local school district to see if they have funds set up for different projects. You can also stop by the next school board meeting to see what the local officials are discussing.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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