How You Can Help Fire-Raged Australia

January 9, 2020

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By now you've seen video footage of the devastating fires raging through Australia.  At least 25 people have died as of January 6th, along with millions of animals, including many found nowhere else on Earth. At least 25% of the koala population has already died, a grim number considering the koalas were already struggling before the fires. An area larger than the state of West Virginia has been captured by flames, destroying thousands of homes. Although you can feel helpless, there are some ways you can.  An Australian-based non-for-profit organization, Givit allows people to register for the supplies and other items they need. You can opt to provide those items or donate cash in the amount of the requested items and Givit will provide vouchers for them to purchase the items on their own. Considering how Koalas have been hit hard, you can make a monetary donation to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital —the world’s first hospital dedicated to saving koalas. They are setting up drinking stations for surviving koalas, as water is scarce. They’re also expanding, setting up a wild koala breeding program, which will be vital in years to come if there’s any hope in establishing secure, stable populations of wild koalas. The Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service, or WIRES for short, is a rehabilitation service for Australian animals. There are thousands of species of plants and animals in Australia that are found nowhere else, and they need protecting. If you want to donate to rescue lost or injured animals, this is the place to go. BlazeAid is a volunteer organization that repairs broken infrastructure, like fencing, after natural disasters. It’s a born-and-bred Australian organization, formed after the brutal fires of February 2009, and works throughout Australia. They coordinate volunteers and send them where they’re needed most; previous campaigns after flooding and fires have involved as many as 3,500 volunteers at once. Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal is a community assistance program for the huge swaths of Australia out of the orbit of the country’s major cities. They have a fund to create grants for individual community projects, which include preparedness programs, free food for kids in school, and medical improvements in far-flung areas. As with any charitable donation, make sure to check out an organization before you donate to make sure they are legitimate and that your donation is going where you want it.

SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens

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