Enhance The Mediocre Taste Of Apples With A Little Salt

November 13, 2018

© Toxitz | Dreamstime

Ever see a beautiful piece of fruit to only be disappointed once you bite into it and discover there is little or no taste? Fall is known for one particular fruit that may look delicious but can have a mediocre taste; apples. But there's a little trick you can use to make event he blandest-tasting apple savory delicious. Just give it a light sprinkle of white crystals.  No not sugar, but salt!  As strange as it may sound to add salt to apples, it suppresses the bitter flavor of an apple and enhances sweetness. This trick is not restricted to just apples. Cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries and even pineapple gets a tweak on taste with a dash of salt. Just remember a little goes a long way to shake sparingly and introduce your palate to a whole new level of taste!

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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