Overcome Your Fear Of A Haunted House

October 8, 2018

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Things that go bump in the dark, eerie sounds getting closer and scary surprises lurking.  Yep, it's time to take an adventure through a corn maze or haunted house.  It's a big business with about 20% of Americans planning on attending a haunted attraction. However the very thought of being frightened beyond belief terrorizes you.  You are not alone.  That's why a psychologist offers some insight on how your body responds to emotional fear and how you can conquer it. Fear as an emotional reflection of your body going into fight-or-flight mode the moment your brain perceives a situation as either dangerous or life-threatening, producing the stress hormone cortisol. From there your physical brain becomes overwhelmed with stress, which ultimately leads to a lack of control over your impulses, as well as an inability to process information clearly, or make good, logical decisions. But you can overcome your fear of haunted houses; you just have to put your finger on what exactly it is about haunted houses that's so terrifying to you. Then, you can begin the desensitizing process. Once you’ve really taken the time to consider what it is about haunted houses that gives you goosebumps, you have a few options to explore. The first is to face your fear head-on. Or, if you’re not quite ready to buy your tickets to a spooky attraction just yet, regularly practicing mindfulness through meditation and yoga can “re-train” your muscles and heart rate to be calmer overall no matter what kind of stress you’re enduring.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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