How To Opt Out Of The Netflix Test Of Inserting Ads In Between Episodes

August 24, 2018

© Mahod84 | Dreamstime

Earlier this week we mentioned that Netflix has begun to insert commercials and programming promos in between your binge-watching sessions. While Netflix is testing out the idea, you can opt out of the ads, at least for now, if you prefer to keep your binging pure.  To opt out, you will need to launch Netflix in a browser, not the app, on your computer, phone or tablet and log in to your account. On your computer, you’ll want to click your profile picture on the top right side of the page. On mobile, go to the hamburger menu, which is the three dots on top of each other on the left side of the page, and then select Account. From there, scroll down to Settings and search for the Test Participation. Simply toggle the “Include me in tests and previews” button to off and then press done. That's it! You shouldn’t see any ads show up mid-binge watch, that is unless Netflix decides to make this a permanent rollout rather than a test.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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