You Should Be Restarting Your Phone More Often Than You Think

March 12, 2019

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Nothing seems to work so hard for you as your smart phone.  It's a mini super computer that is always working to keep you connected.  But jus like any computer, from time to time it needs a refresh. Experts say that knowing simple care tips, such as how often to shut it down, can drastically affect how well your phone will continue to perform the older it gets. Experts suggest you shut off your phone completely, for at least a minute, once a week. Here are multiple reasons why you're supposed to restart your phone at least once a week, and it's for a good cause: retaining memory, preventing crashes, running more smoothly, and prolonging battery life.  You can take this knowledge and apply it to your tablet, laptop and desktop computers too.  Completely shutting them down, waiting for at least a minute and re-stating once a week will ensure many years of healthy computers to make our lives easier.

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SOURCE: Yahoo! & Reader's Digest

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