Florida Is Low In Christmas Spirit

December 10, 2018

ID 83637285 © Ksenia Samorukova | Dreamstime.com

With all the Christmas music, movies and decorating, it would appear that we've caught the holiday spirit.  However when it comes to loving Christmas, Florida has a Grinch-size heart. A recent survey found Florida ranks 48th in states with the most Christmas spirit. Century Link looked at the online activity about Christmas, such as Tweets, posts, movie streams and shopping.  They also looked at area culture, such as charitable giving and determined that Washington has the most Christmas spirit.  South Dakota, Utah, Missouri and Maine round out the top 5.  Michigan ranked 46th, followed by New Jersey, Florida, Hawaii and Alaska. All but four of the bottom ten states are hot, dry, and sunny year-round, which might explain why the feeling of Christmas isn't as strong.

SOURCE: CenturyLink

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