Make Wine With Your Instant Pot

November 16, 2018


If you haven't discovered the cooking joy of an Instant Pot, we're about to give you a reason to get one.  Instant Pot can make wine! Not an official recipe on how to use your all-in-one cooker but David Murphy has figured out how to make your very own brew! The ingredients are very simple, but the recipe does have a lot of steps, but Rome wasn't built in a day and good wine takes time. Start off with a 64-ounce bottle of grape juice, a cup of sugar and red wine yeast, which you can get at specialty stores and online. Place all the ingredients in and set your Instant Pot to its yogurt-making setting to keep the mixture at around 80°F for 48 hours. The yeast will be going to town on that sugar and in its warm sugar bath. However you will need to open and close the lid vent every six to eight hours.  Then after 48 hours, you'll have a cloudy, fizzy, dark-red liquid that's ready to be bottled and stored in a cool, dark place. After 8 days of being bottled up, you've got a nicely flavored wine that should last up to a month. The specific flavor of the Instant Pot wine will of course depend a lot on what type of grape juice you put into it. It might not win any winemaking awards, but it apparently tastes better than a lot of very cheap wines. CLICK HERE for the detailed instructions

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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