Turn A Windowless Work Space Into A Place You'd Want To Work

June 12, 2019

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We'd all like to have a work space with a window to view the outside world.  Unfortunately, not everyone can have access to a window, which can be a drag. So here are some tips to make a windowless work space feel bigger and brighter. Light the room strategically. Avoid using one central light fixture in the center of the room: This casts a pool of light into the middle of the floor, making the space appear darker and closed-in. Instead, spread the light around the room by putting lamps in each corner of the area. Lighting up the room’s edges makes the space appear wider and more open. Choose a light color scheme. Dark colors absorb light and make a room feel like it’s closing in on you, but bright colors reflect incoming light and open up an area. That doesn’t mean your room has to be a sterile bright-white. Using off-whites paired with pastel accents will do the trick. Take advantage of the power of optical illusion by accenting your walls with a mirror. You’ll want to be sparing with the number of wall accents you apply in a tiny room—too many can make your walls appear smaller—but a strategically placed large mirror will trick the eye into believing the room is double its size. Furnish wisely. There are a number of furniture hacks that make the best of a small area, like buying multipurpose items that also serve as storage. Another lesser-known trick? Raising your furniture’s legs. Items lifted off the floor allow light to shine underneath them, thus making the floor space appear larger. The same effect occurs with floating shelving, as well. Rather than taking up valuable floor space with a clunky table, hang shelves on the walls and place your valuables there. This will also draw the eye upward. Most importantly, be sparing with the amount of furniture that you use. Small rooms look even smaller when stuffed with lots of items, so pick a couple of larger essentials to accent the room.

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SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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