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February 27, 2019

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Movies are magical and there have been some that feature beautiful homes.  Home Alone, Father of the Bride and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation are just a few.  Although movies and TV shows are fantasy, the home they are set in are real and it could be a payday for you! Many movie-worthy homes are rented out every day for photoshoots, movies, TV, and music videos by production companies. In exchange, the homeowners usually receive between $1,000 and $5,000 a day. So if you think your home is up for a movie or TV role the first step is to register with the Florida Office of Film and Entertainment. They include local branches such as the Alachua County Visitors and Convention Bureau, the Ocala/Marion County Visitors & Convention Bureau and the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council where you can set up a meeting. The listing process is similar to Airbnb where you'll give a short description of your homes and its unique features, and provide a gallery of photos. At the beginning of every project, each production company normally scouts filming locations that match the planned look and feel of a TV show or movie. Once a filming area or region has been identified, the location department will usually reach out to the local film and television office for a list of registered homes. Sometimes location departments also use online databases like LocationsHub, Reel to Reel Locations, or Set Scouter. You can list your home on one of these sites for a small monthly fee ranging from $5 to $50. If your home is selected to be part of a TV show or movie, don’t expect to get to watch the movie magic unfold. You will most likely be displaced for at least a day as your personal items are moved, removed, and replaced with furniture and decor from the production designers.  If your home is only being used briefly for a single scene, you can expect the production crew will be there for a day at most. You might even be able to sleep in your own bed that night. But if your home is serving as the film’s main location, you’ll most likely need to stay elsewhere while filming, which you will be compensated for your temporary accommodations. However know that a certain number of movie homes may become celebrities in their own right. Don’t be surprised if fans start driving past and even staking selfies out in front of it. This happened to the homeowners of the house used as Walter White’s residence in “Breaking Bad.” While they’ve been cordial in letting fans take photos, they eventually had to install a fence to protect their property and their privacy.

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