How To Get Through The Day When You Had A Sleepless Night

October 5, 2018

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Sleepless nights result in an exhausting day.  Unfortunately the day can't stop just because you were battling insomnia, so here are some ways to get things done when you're exhausted from not sleeping. Start by taking a quick power nap. Just keep it under 30 minutes if you want to feel both refreshed and able to get back to your regular sleep schedule. Try stepping outside for some good old-fashioned, nature-inspired energy. Connecting with nature and being in fresh air can make you feel more awake. Also, getting some natural sunlight helps maintain circadian rhythms, which will help get your sleep schedule back on track. Resist sugar and processed foods. Although your body is craving the quick energy of easily digestible sugar, it comes with a gnarly crash. Finally go easy with caffeine. Too much will continue the sleepless cycle. Coffee or tea should be your moderated caffeine of choice and stay far away from sugar-doused energy drinks because the additives are more harmful than helpful.

SOURCE: Elite Daily & NBC News

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