Gracefully Get Out Of A Conversation

May 17, 2019

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It could be politics. It could be Game of Thrones. It could be you just want to be alone. There are times you desperately want to avoid a conversation with people. So here are some ways to eject from a chat gracefully. Keep your answers short. If you’re stuck in a conversation you can’t get out of but want to avoid a tense interaction, try to make it clear you’re not interested with short and conclusive answers.  Engage the conversation for a short moment, so not as to appear rude, but keep all of your responses short.  Conclusive phrases such as “Great to see you” and “I’ll let you go” can get you out of a terrible conversation without making it awkward. Bring in reinforcements. If you’re caught in an endless chat about Game of Thrones without ever having seen the show, enlist reinforcements; find someone around you and ask them about their theory about the coffee cup, and as soon as they engage, make your exit. Be direct. If you find yourself next to a chatty traveler on your flight to Charlotte and they're still not getting the hint, it's time to make it clear you don’t want to engage with a simple response: “It’s been nice chatting, but I just don’t feel like talking.”  Lastly lie your way out. If you’re stuck in a conversation with no physical way out, just lie. Maybe you just had your wisdom teeth pulled out or you have the measles. 

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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