How To Get First-Class Treatment Flight Service While Sitting In Economy

August 9, 2018

When we think of traveling on an airplane in first-class, we imagine being pampered beyond belief. We imagine this as many have never been in the first-class section of an airplane.  However many flight attendants have opened up about how you can get pampered treatment even in economy seating and it's as simple as remembering your manners. Many flight attendants say all you have to do is say "hello" when you're boarding. It's it!  Apparently what is worse than an unruly passenger or cleaning up a messy restroom is the dehumanizing experience of being ignored when the flight crew says hello to passengers when boarding the airplane. So by smiling (even if you are exhausted, irritated or grumpy) and acknowledging your flight crew, you can perhaps get that niceness returned in extra-attentive service from all crew members on board.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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