How To Fight Off A Sugar Crash

August 23, 2018

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Let me paint a picture in your head.  You are at your desk when an intercom message comes across alerting you to free doughnuts in the break room. In the frenzy of pushing past your co-workers to get one (or two) before they're all gone you are successful and for a moment, you indulge in its goodness. But as you take in a sugary snack, your body will experience a huge spike in glucose that causes your body to believe it’s in trouble and the natural response your body does when it feel it’s under attack is to shut down, causing you to want to sleep.  That is commonly called the sugar crash and  it can happen anytime you introduce something sweet into your diet and although there is no set amount of sweetness to cause you to crash, you can reduce the chances of it happening with these steps.  First, avoid alcohol (just for a bit). Although pairing dark chocolate with a red wine is heavenly, alcohol can increase the sleepiness of a sugar crash and can make the symptoms feel worse. While it sounds like a good idea to combat your crash with caffeine, but this too can make your sugar crash worse as the caffeine can lead to a spike in adrenaline and cortisol, our stress hormone. Opt for water to keep you hydrated. You can balance out your sugary gluttony by introducing a simple carbohydrate into the mix. While many simple carbs are sugary as well, they are a great way to keep those blood sugar levels from going wildly up and down.  So adding half a banana or half a cup of apple sauce should being your levels back to normal and avoid your desire to fall asleep.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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