Cucumbers Are The Unlikely Heroes Of The Super Food Family

April 11, 2019

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Some good news is there is a superfood that you probably love and even have in your refrigerator right now! Most people regard the cucumber as simply a crunch addition to a salad but it is surprising a lot of people of its superpowers. Cumbers can be used as a vitamin boost, to protect plants, to clean leather, to banish cellulite and even as a hangover remedy. Let's start with why you bought a cucumber, it is a good source of B vitamins, folic acid, vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. In particular, those b vitamins are a great afternoon pick-me-up when you're looking to snack on something filling. By placing a few slices of cucumber on a small piece of aluminum will keep pests out of your garden. The chemicals in the cucumber react with the aluminum to give off a scent undetectable to humans but which drives garden pests crazy and makes them stay away from the area. Cucumber slices have long been placed over closed eyes at the day spa to rejuvenate your peepers.  The same principal can be used to quickly reduce visibility of cellulite. The phytochemicals in the cucumber cause the collagen in your skin to tighten, firming up the outer layer and reducing cellulite and wrinkles. Freshen your breath by taking a slice of cucumber and press it to the roof of your mouth with your tongue for 30 seconds to eliminate bad breath. The phytochemicals will kill the bacteria in your mouth responsible for causing bad breath. Finally use cucumber peels to easily remove crayon markings on the wall and rubbing a freshly cut cucumber over your leather shoe will provide a quick and durable shine that not only improves the look of your footwear but also repels water.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

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