How To Crack A Raw Egg

August 19, 2019

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Seems simple enough to crack an egg for a morning omelet or for a birthday cake. However there are several methods used. Some use the side of the bowl, some hit the flat top of the counter, and others create a crack using the edge of the counter. While any of these methods can get the job done, there really is a "best" way to crack an egg. According to Better Homes & Gardens, using the countertop to make that first crack is the way to go. There’s an actual reason why you shouldn't use the bowl (or the edge of the counter) if you can help it. Cracking an egg on the side of a mixing bowl makes a thinner crack than using your countertop. When you use your thumbs to pull the shell apart, you have to break it even more to get the egg open, which creates more tiny pieces of shell that can fall into your food. But if you use a flat surface, like the top of your counter, you’ll end up with a bigger break, and it’ll be easier to gently pull the shell apart with your thumbs and avoid any shell pieces. However if you should crack your egg into a separate bowl first, then add it to your recipe to prevent the agonizing job of pulling out egg shell pieces from a  bowl full of cookie dough.

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SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens

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