Childproof Your Phone So They Can Only Access Apps You Approve On Your Phone

February 26, 2019

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Your phone can be a lifesaver for an antsy child in a waiting room, long line or a traffic jam.  However kids can inadvertently access your email, social media and any number of things he could accidentally get into if they hit the home button or swiped up to open the command center. But all is not lost as there is a locking childproof feature that will block access to all but the apps you want your kids to use on your phone. For iPhone go to settings> general> accessibility> guided access. You'll want to turn on the guided access and accessibility shortcut too. Then open the app(s) you want your kids to only have access to and press the home button three times in a row. For iPhone X, triple-click the side button.  You'll be prompted to enter your passcode which will activate the feature.  Once your child has finished with the app, hit the home (or side button) three times in a row again, followed by your passcode to de-activate the feature.  For Android, it is called screen pinning, which can be found under fingerprints & security. Turn it on, and then you can “pin” a single app to the screen whenever you like. You'll notice on the bottom corner of each app is an icon with a little thumbtack or a down arrow. Tap the pin and your child will not be able to get out of that app. To de-activate the pin depends on your phone as some models require you to hold the back button for a few seconds while other require you to hold down the back and overview buttons together.

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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