How To Become A Great Gift-Giver

November 30, 2018


How is it that certain people always seem to pick out the best gifts?  While it appears they have a knack for picking out perfection, the key is very simple. The key to giving a good gift is being a good listener. It's about really listening to what that person's interests are and their hobbies, passions, even what's on their bucket list for life.  Another hallmark of a good gift-picker is to always be looking for gifts. It's easier to find a great gift without the time constraints and pressure of the holidays. Finally great gift-givers know how to take a hint. Givers often think that people want surprises because they think it shows more time and thoughtfulness went into choosing the gifts. But a 2011 study found that recipients actually appreciate gifts that they want and have asked for. If someone has said they'd really like a certain item, stellar gift givers don't worry about being predictable. They give people what they want and know they won't have to worry about a gift receipt. Remember to not skip the presentation. Part of the fun of getting a gift is unwrapping it, and its all the more thrilling when it's swathed in lovely packaging. Caring gift givers are all about the details, whether that means special paper and fancy ribbons, or custom wrap.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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