This Bandage Hack Should Keep It On Your Finger Instead Of Slipping Off

November 27, 2018

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Just when you think you've mastered a skill, you find out there's a better way.  In the world of cuts and self-adhesive bandages, this little hack will up your first aid game.  When you get a cut on the tip of your finger or knuckle and cover it with a Band-Aid, it usually falls off your finger or bunches up on the underside of your finger joint.  Not any longer if you take a pair of scissors and make a cut down each adhesive strip of the bandage so that instead of two sticky flaps securing the bandage in place, you have four. Place the pad of the bandage on the cut and while holding it in place, tear away the protective liners from the adhesive and criss-cross each strip around your finger. This will prevent it from slipping off your finger. This hack works the same when applying a bandage on a joint (say the top of your knuckle). Make sure the criss-cross adhesive on the opposite side of the pad is clear on the joint, so that when you bend it, the bandage won't bunch. The trick works on any part of your body to give your bandage a more secure grip, whether that's on your knuckle, fingers, toes, ears, or any other body part that's tricky to stick a regular bandage on.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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