Houseplants That Love Being Overwatered

September 7, 2018

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Houseplants can be deadly gamble for those less inclined with a green thumb, with the two big reasons cited as not being watered enough and the more common, overwatering.  While many turn to plastic and fabric copies that are guaranteed not to die, there are some hearty real plants that can survive a tsunami of watering. Baby's Tears is a bright green creeping plant with tiny little teardrop shaped leaves. These plants are often used in terrariums because they love moisture and form a dense carpet of foliage over the soil. When planted in a pot, the vines trail down the sides, making baby's tears an excellent choice for small hanging planters. Keep the soil constantly moist and remember to pinch back vines frequently to prevent legginess. Cyperus plants have tall grass-like shoots topped with slender bracts that droop downward in an umbrella shape. Being they're native of tropical swamps, they love the water! Boston ferns have upright shamrock-green fronds that droop gracefully. This classic houseplant is very easy to grow provided you never allow the roots to dry out. The leaves will turn yellow if there is not enough humidity in the room, so mist the plant daily or keep the pot in a shallow saucer of water. But even plants that love water need to be potted correctly.  Make sure your pot has drainage holes to prevent the soil from becoming waterlogged. It's best to test the soil daily with your finger to see if it shows signs of drying out before watering again.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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