Window Cleaner Shouldn't Be Used To Clean Your TV

October 24, 2018

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A staple of cleaning is the squirt bottle of blue window cleaner. Along with cleaning everything from your windows to your shower tile, itis slightly less abrasive than most other multi-purpose sprays—making it great for use on more fragile surfaces. As great of qualities as window clean has there are some household items you should never use window cleaner. Don't use window cleaner to clean your laptop. In addition to harsh ingredients like ammonia, most window cleaners are packed with chemical compounds that can cause irreversible damage to delicate electronics—especially laptop screens and displays. Your best bet is to clean your computer screen with a soft microfiber cloth and distilled water. Don't put window cleaner your skin. Contrary to Greek wedding movies and supermodel Ashley Graham, applying window cleaner directly to your skin is definitely a big no-no. The chemicals in window cleaner can irritate and even burn your skin and smelling like ammonia isn't attractive! Avoid mixing window cleaner with bleach.  When mixed, bleach and ammonia produces a toxic gas called chloramine, which causes irritation to the throat, nose, and eyes, soughing and nausea. Don't use window cleaner on granite countertops. While it is a less abrasive cleaner, repeated use on delicate stone surfaces, such as granite and marble, can actually cause permanent damage. Not only can the chemicals in window cleaner leave behind unsightly soaked-in stains, they can break down the sealant protecting your countertops, ultimately dulling the shine of the polish. Finally, avoid cleaning your TV screens with window cleaner.  Just like your laptop, window cleaner can damage your delicate (and expensive) flat screen.  Opt for a microfiber cloth and duster when removing smudges and dust from your TV.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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