Host A Cookbook Swap Party

May 21, 2019

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Nearly every kitchen has a cookbook.  Well, let's be honest, you have several cookbooks and over the years you've enjoyed some delicious recipes contain inside of them. But now you’ve been through the same three recipes a hundred times while the rest left you void of passion. You are not alone which is why you may want to host a cookbook swap party. It's a cross between a book club and an office gift exchange where you invite two, or more, people who each bring as many cookbooks as they like. Remember to bring real cookbooks, not pamphlets or magazines. You and your guests must bookmark your favorite recipes and be prepared to report why it is a favorite of yours. Just remember to make a copy of it beforehand so that you can continue to enjoy it. The idea is you get favorites from your friends as well as new cookbooks without spending a small fortune at the book store. Make sure to have snacks and beverages because, after all, it is a party! At the end of your cookbook swap party, you’ll have had an evening of fun and you’ll be armed with some new dinner ideas.

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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