Home DIY Projects Couples Fight Over The Most

April 5, 2019

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Home projects can be an opportunity for you and your spouse to do something together but they also can be the beginning of a major fight.  Porch.com recently asked a few homeowners about the DIY projects that didn’t go so well. While simpler projects caused some friction it found the more challenging the project is the more likelihood of a fight.  Three of the top 5 involve some sort of electrical work. At #5 is exterior paint with nearly 33% of couples bickering about it; mainly the color choice. #4 is installing a ceiling fan with 38% of couples fighting, replacing an electrical outlet at #3.  Hanging or patching drywall ranks at #2 and top fight-starter is electrical wiring or rewiring with 44% of couples fighting.

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SOURCE: Better Homes And Gardens

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