There's Hidden Plastics In A Lot Of Products

September 27, 2019

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It's hard to get away from plastic. While there has been more focus on recycling and reducing the use of one-time plastics, they are in a lot of products that you'd never suspect. Paper cups are made of paper, right? Actually, most of a paper cup is made from paper, but disposable cups you'll get when you pick up a cup of coffee also frequently contain a thin plastic lining. It makes sense if you think about it. If a cup was 100% paper, it would buckle under the load of a very hot liquid. Another good reason to buy a reusable cup and stick to glassware at home. Tea bags also hide plastic, in two places. The bags themselves may contain a small amount of plastic that's added to help them keep their shape in boiling water. Unfortunately, that handy bag is also the biggest source of the problem. A recent report found that placing tea bags in 203°F water to steep released around 11.6 billion microplastics into a single cup! In addition the bag, the wrappers for individually wrapped tea bags may also contain a plastic lining. By purchasing loose leaf tea and using a reusable tea infuser will eliminate the problem. OR seek out tea bags that aren't made with plastic, like Numi, Organic Traditional Medicinals or Tetley Black and Green Tea. One-time-use disposable wipes, such as baby wipes, personal hygiene wipes, antibacterial wipes, makeup removing wipes are convenient, they're frequently made with plastic and are either flushed or tossed in the garbage headed to the landfill. So only use disposable wipes when absolutely necessary and inconvenience yourself. Use rags to clean surfaces instead of anti-bacterial wipes. Ditch the disposable bathroom wipes and use toilet paper. Take your makeup off with a washcloth. And, when you do use disposable wipes, never flush them down the toilet. Create your own baby wipes with a roll of paper towels, water, plant-based soap and olive oil (recipe online).

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network

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