Cadbury Creme Egg-Flavored Mayonnaise?

April 10, 2019

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When we look back at the year 2019 it might just be remembered as the year our condiments combined into new creations! From Maymust (Mayonnaise and mustard) to Kranch (ketchup and ranch dressing) it seems the minds at Heinz have also thought about Easter as the company known for condiments has teamed up with the Cadbury Confectionery company, best known for their Cadbury Crème Eggs, to create  Heinz’s new Cadbury Crème Egg-flavored mayo. If you think this is a joke, so did much of the world as the announcement was made on April 1st, which is April Fool's Day. However this is no joke. Heinz took to social media and confirmed this crazy combo. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Heinz’s new Cadbury Crème Egg-flavored mayo is only available at a London brewery for a limited time this Thursday through Saturday (April 11-13, 2019). But what could you expect from Heinz’s new Cadbury Crème Egg-flavored mayo? Some journalists at The Guardian tried it out and offer their first impressions of the mixture, stating, "At first glance, the spread does not look appetising [sic> in the slightest. "Our initial thoughts were that it looked like mustard that had gone off months ago — and was therefore the last thing we'd want to eat." However, once they got over the whole appearance and texture thing, they said that they enjoyed the flavor and even went back for "multiple servings" further reporting that "It was almost like melted white chocolate, with a little bit of a savoury [sic>, spicy kick — almost like chili in chocolate."

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SOURCE: Elite Daily

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