Tape Your Mouth Shut For A Good Night's Sleep

November 15, 2018

© Katarzyna Bialasiewicz | Dreamstime

Sleep is underrated!  In fact some estimate have about 45% of adults lacking in the proper amount of sleep for a healthy lifestyle.  While there is a whole industry of devoted to help you sleep, from pills to weighted blankets, a holistic health specialist, Dr. Ron Ehrlich suggest a $2 fix that guarantees you a good night's sleep. A roll of paper medical tape. Tear off a couple of pieces and tape your mouth shut, at least while you sleep!  Apparently this will retrain your body to breathe better and lead to dramatically improved sleep. Using medical tape keeping your mouth closed forces you to breathe through your nose, where the air is warmed, humidified and filtered before it heads into your lungs. Breathing through your mouth bypasses these important stages of filtration your nose does and puts a lot more strain on your tonsils and respiratory system. Mouth breathers are predisposed to a whole range of allergies, asthma and infections. Breathing through your nose helps in the production of nitric oxide, which in turn affects bladder health. This could help boost the sleep of people who usually wake up needing to visit the bathroom during the night. Medical tape is lightweight, breathable and its adhesive is designed for sensitive skin. Although before attempting to tape you mouth shut while you sleep, you should discuss this option with your doctor first for their opinion and guidance.


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