Chernobyl Miniseries Boosts Tourism By 35 Percent

June 17, 2019

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HBO may have blown it with the end of Game of Thrones but they have hit a home run with Chernobyl, claiming the number one spot on IMDb’s all-time TV rankings just days after the limited series concluded. Watching the chilling recreation of the 1986 nuclear disaster has boosted tourism to the Chernobyl expulsion zone by 35% as a result of the show. After the explosion of reactor 4, the radioactive cloud resulted in a 2500-square-mile exclusion zone 33 years ago. Radiation levels are nowhere near where they were in 1986, but the vegetation, buildings, and wildlife in and around Pripyat, Ukraine are still radioactive. It isn't safe to live there, but by signing up for a tour you can visit the area surrounding the power plant. A day tour of Chernobyl costs $99. Once inside the exclusion zone, adventurers can explore the town of Pripyat, which was abruptly evacuated in 1986; stand under the Ferris wheel at the abandoned amusement park, and see the infamous nuclear reactor (safely enclosed in a steel structure to contain radiation) from an observation point 1000 feet away. Though the company says day trips to Chernobyl are "100 percent" safe, guests are asked to stick to approved routes, wear clothing that provides maximum coverage to their bodies, and avoid touching buildings and shrubbery to keep radiation exposure to a minimum.

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SOURCE: Mental Floss

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