Have Alexa Track Your Favorite Sports Teams

August 31, 2018

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The wait is over for college football fans as the new season kicks off this weekend and while you are a devoted fan of your team, keeping up with the schedule, knowing scores and stats can be just another stress-inducing activity.  So let Amazon’s Alexa do the sports tracking for you.  Alexa can not only track college football but also baseball, soccer, hockey, and football teams from 13 different leagues. Alexa just needs to know what your favorite teams are. To do that, launch the Alexa app and tap the hamburger menu (three lines on top of each other) on the top left side of the screen. From there, tap “Settings,” and then “Sports Update.” Then you’ll use the search bar to find the teams you like to add to your personalized list within the app. Now when you ask Alexa for your “Sports Update” she’ll include only info about your favorite teams and how they did in recent games. You can also ask her when those teams play next. If you’re running your fantasy team through Yahoo, then you can track your fantasy team through Alexa using Yahoo Fantasy Football. Yahoo’s Alexa skill can give you an overview of your team’s weekly match out, your player’s scores, and your team’s injury and bye status.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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