Add A Halloween Tree To Your Holiday Decor

August 19, 2019


As of today (August 19, 2019) there are 128 days, or 9 paychecks, away from Christmas day.  But before you start decking the halls, you may want to slow down and embrace the latest holiday decor: Halloween trees. Halloween is only 73 days away and may be the best way to keep Christmas from creeping up into summer. Halloween trees are exactly what you'd expect: a faux Christmas tree decorated in orange and black rather than red and green. Instead of beads and ornaments, these trees are decorated with all kinds of ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. Opt for purple and orange lights and you've got a Halloween tree that challenges your finest Christmas tree! There are already more than 20,700 posts on Instagram with the hashtag #halloweentree, and the images are incredible. Based on the recent influx of hashtagged posts, people have already started decorating their Halloween trees this year, putting them up as early as June. A hack you can use it to take that all-white faux tree and turn it into Halloween decor. As with the traditional Christmas versions, prices for a plastic Halloween tree range from $30+ and available at several stores and online.

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SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens

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