Take Care When Carving A Pumpkin Into A Jack-O-Lantern

October 23, 2018

Tomorrow marks one week until Halloween. Welcoming many trick-or-treaters will be a carved pumpkin we call a jack-o-lantern and while they can be scary, jack-o-lanterns shouldn't be dangerous.  But they are, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, who say last year that 3,200 people ended up in the emergency room with a pumpkin carving accident. In all 16,706 Halloween-related injuries were treated in the ER. Pumpkin carving is a fun activity, but it can result in serious cuts on the hand and injuries to bones and tendons. So consider using a pumpkin carving kit or knives that are specifically designed for carving. They're less likely to get stuck in thick pumpkin skin. Carve pumpkins in a clean, dry and well-lit area, and make sure there is no moisture on the carving tools or your hands. Don't use candles in pumpkins or other Halloween decorations. Use non-flammable light sources, like glow sticks or artificial pumpkin lights. And if you do end up cutting yourself while carving, apply pressure with a clean cloth and elevate the injured area above the heart. If bleeding does not stop within 10 to 15 minutes or if the cut is deep, you may need to see a doctor. Clean cuts and cover them with clean bandages. 


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