BEHOLD! The Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game

November 20, 2018

When you think of Hallmark channel, you usually think of a line of made for TV movies that mostly center on Christmas.  In fact the network launched 37 new seasonal films this year. So it shouldn't be a surprise that one Hallmark Channel fan came up with a Hallmark Christmas drinking game. The game is packed with plot lines and narrative devices that have been used so frequently or are just so darn cheesy, you can't help but giggle and nod. Like "snowed in!" and "main character's name related to Christmas (Holly, Nick, etc."" or “big city person transplanted in a small town” and “magic deal with Santa or an Angel.” You take two drinks for a near-miss kiss and a snowball fight or an ice skating scene.  Of course the biggies require you to finish a drink, such as when the cynic is filled with the Christmas spirit or it snows on Christmas. Brittany Graves from Fort Worth, Texas created the game last year. The best part is you can add to it as you enjoy the campy Christmas movies we love on Hallmark Channel.

SOURCE: Travel + Leisure

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