When You Should Make A Hair Appointment According To Hairstylists

June 13, 2019

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Whether you consider your regular hairstylist to be your part-time therapist or you’re just visiting to get your roots touched up, figuring out how to tell when you need a haircut can be tricky. Haircuts can be pricey and time-consuming. Hairstylist unveil some tell-tale signs that you need to spend an hour or more under the scissors. Arguably the most obvious of the signs you need a salon visit are split ends. Split or compromised ends will only continue to split or break, unless they are properly cut. Split ends are pretty easy to spot too. When your ends are splitting and they look lighter than the rest of the hair and while hair care products promise to reduce split ends, a haircut is the only true way to treat them. Another sign is that your hair appears dull, limp and/or shapeless. As your hair grows, it get further from the scalp and from the natural oils produced. Additionally, flatness at the roots and no volume is a sign of a grown-out haircut. If your hair won't bend or curl with a hot tool, it's time to make a salon appointment. Hair needs moisture to create shape and shine, and if you don’t have healthy hair, you won’t get any shape.  Finally, if you haven't been in a long time, it's time to go! There aren't necessarily hard and fast rules but a good rule of thumb to maintain your current style is to make a hair appointment every four to six weeks. If you’re keeping shorter styles fresh the edges can be trimmed every four to six weeks as well. However, if you want to maintain long hair, trimming it every three to four months is needed so you keep the length without the hassles of dealing with damaged hair.

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