How To Adopt A Retired Racing Greyhound

November 13, 2018

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Over two-thirds of Florida voters agreed that it is time to end gambling on dog races and as of January 1, 2021, when it will become illegal at the 11 Florida greyhound racetracks. That means some the current 4,000 greyhounds in Florida may be shipped off to the five other states that allow greyhound racing. However slower dogs at lower-paying tracks often have nowhere to go. While opponents warned that passing amendment 13 would means thousands of greyhounds would be euthanized, adoption agencies such as the Greyhound Adoption Action Alliance and Greyhound Pet Adoption, Florida Southeast said they've been flooded with inquiries on how to adopt one of these retired racers. Because the law will not take effect for a couple of years, they're telling potential adopters just SIT TIGHT and wait for a few weeks until it becomes more clear which tracks may opt to close sooner and which later. But that doesn't mean there are not retired greyhounds that need homes now. A quick online search for "greyhound rescue" pulls up several agencies throughout the state with greyhounds ready for homes. You may be surprised to learn that greyhounds are quite lazy dogs. As tall, slender and athletic as they are, it is not uncommon for a greyhound to curl up on the couch for a lengthy nap. They tend to be very calm animals and enjoy running, but only as a hobby. However greyhounds can run off unpredictably to chase a squirrel, so it’s best to keep them on a leash or in a fenced-in yard. They have thin skin, so they like to wear blankets and pajamas in cold weather. They tend to get along great with other dogs, but some of them have such a strong prey drive that they try to eat small animals, such as rabbits, cats and even small dogs. If you have one (or more), let the greyhound rescue know that you need to be matched with a grey that isn’t going to chase them. Some greyhounds just don’t care. Because greyhounds spend their careers in kennels, they tend to be very used to people and to other dogs, and they take to a crate right away. But they have probably never seen stairs or shiny kitchen floors, and may freak out just a little before they learn how to make their stick legs walk on these foreign surfaces. So if you could use a friendly, awkward dog in your life, schedule an appointment with a recue shelter and fall in love with these beautiful and kind-hearted dogs. Hre are just some of the dozens of greyhound adoption organizatons in Florida:

The National Greyhound Foundation Inc. (Homosassa)

Greyhounds As Pets Of Northeast Florida (Jacksonville)

Greyhound Ranch Adoptions (Orlando)

Greyhound Pets of America/Greater Orlando

Greyhound Pets of America Daytona Beach

Adoptable Greyhounds Of Florida (Sarasota)

Greyhound Pet Adoption Florida / Southeast

Elite Greyhound Adoptions (Palm Beach County)

Friends of Greyhounds (South Florida)

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