Grape Juice Will Not Prevent You From Catching A Cold Or The Flu

November 13, 2019



Nobody wants to get sick. But as fall progresses and winter on its way the likelihood of you catching a virus increases and that leads us to seek out advice from the Internet.  It is home to many reports about grape juice’s ability to fend off the violent virus that re-appear each year during cold and flu season. However as with many Goog-able remedies, this one’s not as straightforward as it seems. To be clear, there is no conclusive evidence that grape juice will prevent or fight norovirus. The thought behind the claim is the grape juice could alter the pH levels in your stomach and prevent the norovirus from multiplying. Plus, thanks to the juice’s anti-viral and antioxidant properties, it might even flush, fight, or kill the virus. But those theories don’t really live up to the hype. In fact, pH levels in your stomach change all the time depending on what you eat or drink or what time of the day it is. Plus, norovirus doesn’t multiply in your stomach, it multiples in your intestines, which naturally has a more neutral pH. While some research conducted in petri dishes has suggested grape seed extract may reduce the chances of a norovirus multiplying enough to causes infection, you’re not getting those chemicals from the seeds when you drink grape juice. Grapes are high in vitamin C and research does show that C is helpful in boosting immunity. Still, to rely on grape juice alone is probably not the way to go.

SOURCE: Men's Health

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