Be Cautions About Displaying Graduating Class Yard Signs

June 9, 2020
Graduating Class Yard sign

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A drive through town, you'll notice front year donned with signs congratulating graduates of the class of 2020.  Since coronavirus has disrupted the achievements of students everywhere, the yard signs are a nice way to honor their accomplishments.  They also are a feast for identity thieves. Con artists use the names on the signs, along with the address of where the yard sign is posted and take out loans, open new credit cards and spending accounts, commit tax fraud and so much more that destroys the credit histories for children who are not old enough to even apply for credit or open a bank account on their own. More than 1 million kids under 18 become the victims of identity theft every year and experts say this number will go higher in the midst of coronavirus. But parents are not defenseless. As you monitor your identity with a service such as LifeLock, you should also include your children. You can also contact each credit reporting agency and request your child's social security number to be locked, so that if someone tries to use it to obtain credit, you are alerted.  You can also be more cautious with your yard signs. Avoid putting your child's name on the sign.  In essence, don’t give more information than you need to. Try to find the balance between proud and being unwise about their personal data. 

SOURCE: Fast Company

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