Police Searching For A Stolen Colon

October 25, 2018


Police in Kansas City are looking for a bowel bandit or bandits who stole a giant colon.  An inflatable model of the large intestine has been stolen from the University of Kansas Cancer Center last Friday. The 150-pound, 10-foot-long inflatable colon giant is used to promote awareness of colorectal cancer as people walk through it to see the progression of the cancer.  However last Friday night prior to the colon being used at a local fun run, thieves were able to steal the $4,000 educational tool and police are calling on the public to share any potential leads. The Colon Cancer Coalition, who own the stolen colon, has started a GoFundMe page to replace it and has already raised $860. If the colon does turn up, all the money that's donated will go to funding further screening, education, and awareness for colon and rectal cancer.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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