Get Paid To Become A Beekeeper

July 31, 2020

© Lane Erickson | Dreamstime


The latest unemployment numbers from the government says that one in 5 Americans are receiving some sort of unemployment help. But now you can get a job and help the struggling bee population. The American Bee Project is looking for property owners who are willing to lend out their land to commercial beekeepers—and helping them get compensated for it. There isn’t technically a credit simply for keeping bees, but if you work with the American Bee Project to place a commercial apiary on your property, you may be eligible for agricultural tax classification and associated credits, which could keep more of your money in your pocket. The program has already transformed 4,500 acres of land into a habitat for bees to help over 36 million bees. With bee populations dropping by as much as 90% in some areas over the past 15-years, this is a fantastic project.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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