Use Song Lyrics To Get Kids Excited About Reading

May 3, 2019

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Some kids love to read and then there are those who do not. Since reading is such an important life skill and they’re fighting you on reading more than the school’s required 15 minutes per day, you might want to try this creative hack, especially if they love music. If their books are collecting dust but they roam through the house all day singing to themselves, it’s time to introduce them to the wonderful world of song lyrics. While we could find the song lyrics inside the CD jacket or unfold them from inside the cassette case and sing along while the CD or cassette played, today's kids aren't so lucky. So you have to improvise. To create a read-and-sing-along moment without spending any money, try searching for the title of their favorite song plus “karaoke” or “lyrics” on YouTube. Kidz Bop in particular has a solid selection of popular songs redone, with lyrics cleaned up as necessary, by kids, for kids. When they include lyrics in the videos, they tag them with #readalong. You can make a YouTube playlist of their favorite songs so they can read and sing. You can go old school and search for the lyrics online and print them out. Or if you really want to go all out, you can splurge on a kids' karaoke machine which is around $100. Parents have said this hack really works in not only getting their kids to read but it elevates their status among their friends as someone who knows every word of today's popular songs!

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