The Harry Potter Themed Advent Calendar

July 30, 2019


We're a little more than four months away from December, which means many retail stores will be putting out their Christmas merchandise in the next few days! Last year the pop culture-loving toy company Funko released a Harry Potter-themed advent calendar that quickly sold out. It offered 24 different button eyes and block-shaped head figurines of your favorite (and not-so-favorite) Harry Potter characters as you count down the days until Christmas.  And with over 200 characters Funko has produced for the Harry Potter series, you may end up with some beasts, ghosts, and house elves too! The calendar will officially go on sale on September 15, but you can pre-order your Harry Potter calendar on Amazon today for $48. If Harry Potter isn't your thing, Funko will be debuting a Marvel-themed advent calendar this year. From Avengers to Guardians, villains to anti-heroes, this calendar is a heroic celebration of the holidays. As with the Harry Potter calendar, you can pre-order the Marvel-themed advent calendar for $48.

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SOURCE: Mental Floss

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