Florida Woman Breaks In To A House To Make A Ham Sandwich

August 14, 2019


Move over Florida Man, because Florida Woman has made herself known!  According to Fort Lauderdale police, 60-year old Jonny Buchanan decided to break into a home, make a ham sandwich after breaking into a house! The incident occurred recently when she was accused of breaking into a home and helping herself to a snack. Home surveillance video shows the accused breaking into a back door and making a beeline to the refrigerator to make herself a sandwich.  The residents’ dog was alerted to Florida women's presence and although the video shows a piece of raw chicken was tossed at the dog, it didn't appear to be pleased with the intruder. The burglar then scrambled around the apartment before leaving with her belly full. No word if any other property was stolen.  Police were able to track Buchanan down, arrested and charged her with burglary and petty theft.

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