See Through Frosted Glass With Tape

January 23, 2019

Frosted glass has kept light coming in to a room but kept those from seeing through it, until now.  AN interesting little hack will give you super human powers. Apparently if you take a piece of clear tape and place it on a piece of frosted glass, you can use the tape to see through it! Frosted glass is made by roughing up the surface of glass. Since the surface isn't flat anymore, the light that passes through it scatters and preventing a clear image from being available.  Placing clear tape fills the rough surface with glue of the tape, making it smooth enough to view objects on the other side.  While you might cringe that this knowledge will lead to unethical people taping windows throughout the neighborhood, this trick only works on the rough side, which works from the textured side, which is almost always on the same side as whatever is supposed to be obscured. So your bathroom frosted glass will still keep the public out.  However if you want to take a peek out of the window, place a clear piece of tape on the inside and look out.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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