Summer Fun: Freeze Your Child's Toys in Blocks of Ice

June 17, 2020

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Finding cool and fun summer activities for the kids can be daunting and downright exhausting task in the "new normal" of coronavirus.  But with the lack of visiting the public pool or finding a bicycle to purchase, there’s one activity that can cool your kids down and keep them busy for a while: freeze and bury their toys in blocks of ice. Choose a cake pan, mixing bowl, plastic storage container or other freezer-compatible contraption and line it with plastic or wax paper.  Fill it with water and place some submergible toys in it. The find areas in the yard you can bury the blocks of ice and have your kids become an archaeologist and excavate to find treasures. Make sure you are supervising them using a hammer or screwdriver to pry the ice off their toys.  The fun adventure comes with the cool treat of ice to rub over their arms, legs and head to keep them cool and happy.

SOURCE: Offspring

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