Fortnite Blamed for 5% Of Divorces This Year

September 18, 2018


Most divorces occur due to couple’s struggles with money, an affair or just not getting along.  However around 5% of divorces so far this year can be blamed to the video game, Fortnite. An analysis of the 4,665 British divorces in 2018 found that 200 of them specifically blamed the multi-player zombie survival game for the end of marital bliss. Fortnite is by far the most popular video game today and because it isn’t a game with a timer and multiple people can play, it keeps participants locked in for hours at a time. However Fortnite is not alone in its time and attention consumption. Video game addiction has become so rampant worldwide that the United Nations health agency has now listed compulsively playing video games as a mental health condition.


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