Font Automatically Blurs Out Offensive Words And Phases

August 31, 2020

© Lisa F. Young | Dreamstime


If you’re someone who relies on "colorful metaphors," you may have found yourself in the position of unintentionally including one in an email, or your racist uncle sends you an email laden with offensive phrases. One way to help curb (or at least become more aware of) this habit is by downloading a font that blurs curse words and promotes anti-racist and inclusive language. The Polite Type is a font that automatically blurs what it considers to be insults, slurs or other offensive language. Type a profane word and it blurs out.  Type a racist word ir statement and it changes it. While editing out foul language is a component of this font, its main purpose is to encourage inclusive language as a way to help prevent cyberbullying. It also changes words or phrases to make them kinder. For example, it changes “I hate you” to “I disagree with you.” And “you’re stupid” becomes “you’re silly.” You can even try out the font before downloading. The font is free to use and perhaps you can sneak it onto your racist Uncle’s computer to keep the peace! 

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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