Florida Grandma Scares Off Intruder With Dentures

October 1, 2018


Only in Florida would a grandmother defend herself with her dentures! Early Friday morning in Titusville around 2am, Pennelope Pettersen was about to open the sliding glass door of her screened in porch to let her cat back inside. Her career had been working for security and law enforcement, so before opening her door, she twisted the blinds open.  But instead of seeing her cat, she is greeted by a naked man. While many would've been started away, Pennelope decided to give the man a fright.  She popped out her dentures and yelled, "Grandma! No teeth!"  Police were able to catch the naked intruder, later identified as 28-year old Alex Rivera. At Rivera’s first appearance hearing, the prosecutor said alcohol may have been a factor. He's being held at the Brevard County jail on $20,000 bail.


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