The Happiest State In The Union

September 12, 2018

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 When it comes to happiness, we in Florida are a little happier than those who live in Pennsylvania but not as happy as those who live in Montana.  According to a new WalletHub study, Florida is considered 29th happiest state in the country. At top of the list is Hawaii, followed by Utah, Minnesota, North Dakota and California.  On the opposite side, the least happiest people reside in West Virginia at the bottom of the list, followed by Arkansas, Louisiana, Alaska and Oklahoma. The rankings are based on emotional & physical well-being, work environment and community and environment. No surprise that Hawaii took the top spot with the third lowest rate of adult depression and the fifth lowest divorce rate in the country. North Dakota has the lowest long-term unemployment rate and the second lowest divorce rate. Interesting find that Florida tied Alabama with the lowest sports participating rate and one of the highest long-term unemployment rates and lowest income growth, most likely due to the large retirement community. The survey found that Floridians are not giving of our time freely as the lowest volunteering rate in the nation (50th), one of the highest divorce rates (3rd highest)  and when it comes to safety, Florida ranks 46th out of 50. 

SOURCE: WalletHub

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