Florida Man Attempts To Rob ATM With Blowtorch; Instead Welds Doors Shut

June 21, 2019


All signs are showing that it is going to be a brutally hot summer!  Being that today is the first day of summer, we couldn't let it go by without hearing about Florida Man!  Those crazy stories that involve our fellow Floridians that makes us wonder if it's the heat, the bugs or something else.  For this story, we head up to the panhandle community of Okaloosa Island, where two men were up to no good in searching for an ATM to break open with a crowbar and blowtorch and rob it of its contents. Okaloosa County Sheriff’s officials say video surveillance shows the two entering The Boardwalk on Okaloosa Island, which is home to several restaurants and shopping.  They spotted their target. The man with a crowbar appeared to serve as the lookout while the other took the blowtorch to blast through the steel door.  However this is Florida Man and instead of cutting the ATM with the blowtorch, the would-be thief welded the ATM’s hinges shut. DOH!  After realizing their folly, the two left empty-handed and are still on the loose.

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