Baseball Team Dons Dad Bod Jerseys For Father's Day Game

June 20, 2019

© prill/Getty Images

The popularity of the dad bod has made its way to our Nation's pastime. The Florence Freedom is a minor league baseball team in norther Kentucky and recently for Father's Day, they swapped out their traditional uniforms for jerseys that looked like a not-so chiseled man's shirtless chest and back printed on them, with black body hair and a tramp stamp tattoo on the back. The promotion also included $3 beer deals and $1 hot dogs to keep that dad bod in shape.  Fans were able to bid on the jerseys worn by the team during the game to take it home as a one-of-a-kind souvenir. Last Sunday's game was rained out and re-scheduled for July 5th. No word if the Dad Bod jerseys will make their return for that game.

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