App Helps Expel Water Hiding In Water Resistant Phones

February 26, 2019

© Kaspars Grinvalds | Dreamstime

In a short time our phones have morphed from being totally ruined if submerged in water to resisting water penetrating the inner workings (not all phones have this feature). However even with being able to get wet, you're looking at the chance of a few drops of water will ruin your $1,000+ phone. Enter a cool web app that actually ejects water.  Fix My Speakers works by generating sounds waves that eject all that water from your phone.  The app is similar to the Apple Watch feature that does the same thing. While water resistant phones can handle getting wet, you still want to get any remaining water out as soon as possible. If your water exposure is a rainstorm and not a toilet then this may be all you need to be up and running. If your phone did take a dunk, you may still want to take it out of service for a day and even surrounding it with minute rice to allow any water to evaporate without causing serious damage.

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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