The Festivus Celebration Kit

December 23, 2019
Festivus poles

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One of the most iconic moments from television came to us in season 9 of Seinfeld, where Frank Costanza shared his alternative to Christmas, which is called Festivus, which happens to be on December 23rd). If, like Costanza, you hate all the commercial aspects of the holiday season, you can join the celebration (or revolution?) with the Festivus Celebration Kit, available on Amazon for $12. Inside the kit, you'll find a nine-inch pole, based on the aluminum rod at the center of this contrarian holiday. The pole in the kit has four buttons, which play some of Frank Costanza’s famous quotes. You’ll also get five Human Fund donation cards (a fake charity created by his son, George) and two magnets. Unfortunately, the kit does not come with anything in keeping with the Festivus tradition of the “Feats of Strength,” but might we suggest a wrestling match in your living room? Oh, and no tinsel—as Costanza says, it’s “distracting.” If you can’t get enough of the holiday, Amazon also carries a Festivus board game ($25) where you and three other players can air your grievances and compete in feats of strength.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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